July 25, 2024

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online sales trends are increasing. The reason is, online transactions are considered safer because they can be done at home. The trend of e-commerce users in Indonesia has grown quite large in recent years. The prediction is that growth will continue to occur in the next few years.

However, it is important to remember that along with the increase in online transactions, there are also irresponsible people deceiving victims with various modes. For example, cases of online fraud, especially the sale of masks, hand sanitizers, and other medical devices are increasing.

Get to know the online shop carefully

Use trusted official applications for security and smooth online transactions so that people feel confident and trust when they want to shop online.

Don’t be tempted by a very cheap price

Perpetrators of online fraud usually always display an item at a very cheap price, even more than 50% of the original price. This is what makes people immediately tempted and then quickly transfers the money to the account intended by the perpetrator.

Don’t get hung up on testimonials

Many people think that the testimonials uploaded on online stores are really genuine from buyers. Even though it is possible for online fraud perpetrators to make fictitious testimonials (manipulating testimonials).

Save the proof of transfer

After transferring money to the beneficiary’s account. Don’t forget to save proof of transfer, either print out from the ATM machine or screenshot from HP. Because if something like online fraud happens, the transfer proof can be concrete evidence to report online fraud from that fictitious store.

Check out the product catalog

Not all online shops, aka olshops, use original product photos. To make it more interesting, they use models with beautiful postures and add photo editing and filters so that the color of the clothes is different from the original. It’s better to ask for a real picture of the product or at least ask what percentage of the product’s similarity is to the original.