July 25, 2024

Advances in technology today are very rapid. One of them is that there are many marketplaces that make it easier for people to shop from home. Just have a cellphone and an internet data package. Then we can buy whatever we want. We can also buy clothes, pants, household appliances, food, drinks, and even vegetables online online shopping.

Even now we can buy food through one click. We just sit quietly at home while waiting for the food we ordered to arrive.

The convenience of technology today makes people very happy. But behind all the conveniences that we have enjoyed, there must be bad effects that arise if we can’t deal with them properly online shopping .

There are many marketplaces that sell clothes at low prices. That is the biggest temptation for women. Sometimes women can’t control their egos who want to buy what they want. Plus now every month these marketplaces hold massive discounts, they even provide free shipping throughout Indonesia.

Women who are willing to stay up until midnight to get the things they want at a low price. Even sometimes women are not aware of what he has bought. Was the item really important or did he really need it?

Especially now that there is a marketplace that provides a pay later payment method. So, we can order the goods we want but pay for it at a later date with a predetermined interest.

There’s a saying that says “it’s okay to make yourself happy”. The term is indeed true if we respond wisely. Making ourselves happy is indeed necessary but we must remember because not everything we want is what we need. Be wise in managing finances and buy something we want.

so much information about the dangers of online shopping applications for women, hopefully this information will be useful for readers.