February 26, 2024

is an activity that cannot be separated from each individual or group. The current era with the development of the internet and increasingly rapid technology makes shopping activities easier.

Online shopping has now become a habit for some people. Because of the convenience it provides, people think that online shopping is an easy way to find the things they need. Now almost everyone can buy daily necessities, hobbies and so on online.

So that you can shop online safely and comfortably, you have to pay attention to several things, such as choosing a trusted online shop to paying attention to product reviews. Furthermore, the following is complete information about safe and comfortable online shopping tips, it is important to note that they have been summarized below.

Check out the brand’s social media accounts

The first safe and convenient online shopping tip is to first look at the social media accounts of the brand that we are going to buy. Click on the poster’s name and see where it takes you, when the page starts, whether it’s verified by social networks, and how long they’ve been in business. It’s also a good way to check customer perceptions.

Carefully check site URL

The next safe and convenient online shopping tip is to carefully check the site URL. While you’re usually safer with an established brand, the popularity of these companies can also make them attractive targets for cyber hackers, who design fake and professional-looking websites to lure unsuspecting consumers.

Research shows that such sites have a 45 percent chance of successfully getting you to part with your data. As a consumer, you can protect yourself by checking URLs before you make a purchase. It’s likely fake if the URL misspells the company name, has too many extra characters like hyphens or odd numbers, or has been abbreviated.

Use third party services

Furthermore, if you are still in doubt then try to take advantage of third-party services. For example, cut and paste an entire website URL into an online site like Google.

Safe Browsing to find out if it is genuine or not. Most recent antivirus programs and web browsers will also warn you of potentially unsafe sites.

Is the connection encrypted?

There are several ways to check site credentials. If the URL starts with “https” instead of just “http” and you can see the padlock next to it, you know that any information entered into the site is protected by an SSL certificate. Without this certificate, criminals can hack sites easily.

Second, check the site’s trust seal, does it display a clear “safe” or “verified” sign? Go to the company’s website and double check that the badge is legit.

Check brand reviews

Everyone wants a trendy new label, but before you buy from a new vendor, Google their name plus the words “review” or “scam”. The experiences of other buyers will immediately show whether their product is worth or risk.

That’s why it’s important to look for verified reviews, and remember that little or no reviews should alert you immediately.

Stick to famous brands

It’s best to buy from an established and familiar brand when shopping online. Not only do you know what you’re getting in terms of price, quality, and return policies, but well-known brands also tend to implement strong security measures to avoid the significant reputational damage that comes with cyber hacking.