July 25, 2024

Online shopping now seems to be the solution, even long before the pandemic conditions hit the whole world. In addition to being more practical, many consider that online shopping is very helpful for buyers. Starting in terms of time efficiency, price comparisons, to shipping expeditions.

Try the girls close your ranks, considering that you are most often claimed to be among the ‘adherents’ of online shopping transactions. Which one do you really like from the following five types? There must be one, right?

The cheap one in Online shopping

For this type, the eyes usually turn ‘green’ when they see the sloping price listed on the product you want to buy. The soul struggles and brings the thumbs up to click the ‘Buy Now’ button. If not, usually click the ‘love’ button first.

In fact, this type really likes to look for all the cheap things, starting from what is needed and actually doesn’t really need it. Usually I say, “While the price is still cheap, why not buy it?”

The cashback hunter or free shipping

Indeed, apart from discounts, the most sought after are cashback and free shipping. No need to wait for a discount, if there is a product listed for cashback, buy it right away! This type likes to buy a lot of things so that the cashback gets bigger and still saves money.

Likewise, free shipping hunters. If you find free shipping, it feels like a lot of fun! I feel like the item I want to buy is much cheaper and I like to buy several items at once so that the shipping is all the same. This type is the most happy to the max if there is a combination of cashback and free shipping. Are you this type?

The promo hunter in Online shopping

If this is the case, it can already be called a professional high-class hunter. The target is flash sale items that are super duper cheap and even the price doesn’t make sense. One way to get it is by monitoring the targeted item. Staying up late is one of the methods to get the item he is after.