July 25, 2024

The following is an article that discusses how important it is for us to know family history. Where do we come from or who should be on the family tree.

Besides being useful for social life in terms we call a big family. There are many more benefits that we will get from knowing who is in our extended family circle.

Well, the more curious is not what benefits we will get from studying genealogy or family history. Check out this in-depth review of the best benefits of studying family history. Anything?

Genetic Health Problems

Learning about health conditions and medical conditions from our ancestors can help us in taking appropriate and accurate medical action in an emergency.

Why is that? Because by studying medical history , disease and everything can help a lot in making an important decision in medical action that needs extra treatment. For example, surgery for people with blood disorders. Or in people with diseases caused by hereditary factors such as diabetes and asthma.

If we know a little more about the medical history of our ancestors. Then it will help us realize about our own health. And ready in preparing the necessary preventive measures.

Family Tradition

One of the other reasons why we need to know very well about family history and genealogy is to know the traditions that belong to the family.

Call it as easterners, we have our own way or tradition in enjoying something. For example, every family has a unique tradition of celebrating religious holidays. Or a family will have their own tradition of celebrating the birthday of one of their family members.

Is it by gathering all members of the extended family and eating together at grandma’s house or so on.

Now by studying family history, it is possible that the unique traditions mentioned above still survive and can be passed on to generations to come. Who doesn’t love this unique tradition?

Source of Inspiration

Our ancestors lived through difficult times. Learning about their lives and their experiences can help us to be more resilient.

Their life experiences can inspire us to get through tough times. Their life stories can be a source of inspiration for us and future generations.

Core Identity

The essence of identity means that learning about the history of the origin of the ancestors can build a stronger sense of one another. Family ties will become closer and solid.

Building Family Connections

Finding information about our ancestors and where we came from can help build and improve relationships with the families that surround us today. Who are they, uncle, cousin or so on. If you want to find your big family, you can visit the Morning Call obits